Chupke Chupke | HUM TV Ramzan Special Drama | Episode 3 Review

Time to review the first episode. For cast, please read here.      

This episode begins as an auto rickshaw stops in front of the Nawab House and a pretty woman in her late twenties gets down.

Meet Rumi, Faazi’s second sister. She is married to Arman and a drama queen much like the rest of the family. Self-pity that nobody cares about her. 

While the drama is on, Mirchi breaks that news that Faazil loves someone. 

The truth comes out, Faazil was talking to Rumi who wanted her nand to set with Faazi. Now he is throwing tantrums to her three sisters. Funny scene. 

Kifayat is true to his name – a big-time miser and keeps track of every penny. How much butter do you use? Why so many lights are on? Who eats how many parathas? These are his concerns. etc.

Gul’s phupho Nanhi finds a very beautiful girl for Haadi. The girl is from a very rich family settled in Canada. . All are happy. Haadi is so cute.

Meenu lies to Faazi to get two thousand rupees to buy a gift for her friend Neeli. Many characters are only referred to but never shown. Like Meenu’s friend Neeli and Rumi’s husband Arman, and Faazi’sphipho Nanhi. 

 The episode ends when Faazi learns the truth. By the way, too convenient things are, no? Faazi is always there to find the truth.

 Epic showdown coming our way. 

Parting Thoughts

Asma Abbas gives the Shahana vibe which is fun, rest of the actors are a bit loud, I feel.

In this episode we hear some of the iconic lines of CBA.




Hey, mayte!

Ammi phone number yes karwa lengi.

Speak to me in English okhay!!! 



To be honest, he seems very natural as if it is his job. In his interview with Something Haute, he says he’s kinda dumb. Well, he is not but his character certainly is. Inna wadda ho gaya teh kudiyon di samajh no aayi. 

Very interesting interview by the way. You should check it out.

 Shabana Mukhtar


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