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Gul doesn’t understand that she has done wrong. She is all set to return to Sadiqabad. Faazi doesn’t stand her stance, though.

Meenu is also behaving a bit irrationally. She has decided to move to a hostel until her exams. Who does that? Why is everybody being overdramatic?

That’s not all. She has transformed into the best version of herself, the version that her family wanted her to be. She wakes up early, makes tea, irons her clothes on her own without any mishaps, and is dead serious about studies. She isn’t the same person we saw in the first twenty-eight episodes.

Alright, so Gul still doesn’t feel well and visits a doctor. My first prediction is true: Gul has a good news. And the second prediction as well: Faazi apologizes to Gul for being rude. Gul layer apologizes to Meenu.

The next scene is directly of the mehendi day. Things have changed drastically. Bebe has talked to Mishi, Faazi also knows. We all know what will happen. Mishi will be the bride under the veil.


Coming back to the mehendi function – this is one good looking family. They look so happy and nice. Faazi has taken up the job of the photographer. Those expressions that Haadi gives, marvellous. Tapa hua dulha, haha!

The wedding day arrives with a bang. Both dadis have buried their hatchets for good and that surprises us, for good.

Ayeza looks so pretty. She rocks that shocking pink dress. I hate that colour and yet I loved it when she wore it.

Now, the third prediction: yes, it is indeed Mishi behind the veil. Haadi ke chehre par jo hansi aayi hau, uff! Maa sadqay…

Now, the last bit… The Khula notice that Meenu has sent was handwritten by Haadi.

It was all a master plan by Haadi. Woah!

The last scene on the terrace is the perfect final image as the last bit to remember this drama by.

What a rousing finale! That is how you end a story… Perfect drama with a perfect cast, perfect performances and perfect ending.

Alright, off to sleep. Eid Mubarak folks!


Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. I thought that the love angle was all too sudden for both of them. For Meenu, she summarized it herself: achhey lagne lage hain aap mujhe.

  2. Liza says:

    also do you think that meenu loves faazi? well if you ask me, i think she is still learning to love but not as much as faazi’s love you know.. well i may be wrong haha

  3. The overacting didn’t make sense to me, either. Everybody knew everything and yet they all behaved as if… Other than that, I liked the ending.

  4. Liza says:

    very good finally, vv satisfied w it. just one confusion, faazi said he knew about mishi being the dulhan however didn’t know that bade abba would ask her to leave home ? then why was faazi over reacting ? and also what was the point of the fake khula notice ? tbh those storylines if you look back, to me didn’t match up to the events happened in the past few episodes… if you could explain that to me also😅

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