Chupke Chupke | HUM TV Ramzan Special Drama | Episode 5 Review

It is time to review the fifth episode of Chupke Chupke. Boy, this drama is driving people crazy, in a good way.

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Meenu is over the moon that her proposal has come and she would not have to study anymore. But her parents want to buy time time.

She isn’t happy, nor is Faazi. OB commentary is funny. When OB glares at Meenu, my heart goes mmmm, mmmm, mmmm… So handsome!

Meenu’s proposal followed by Haadi’s Candaian proposal, choti dadi family is upset. But wait, there’s more. They finally find about Mai’s fraud. All the jewellery is gone. Now the four women (Dadi, Gul, Rumi and Mishi) are doing tasbeeh to mourn the loss.

Both families meet Ashar’s family – Amma for Haniya’s proposal for Faazi, and Bebe for Meenu’s proposal for Ashar.

For the first time we see Mishi thinking about Haadi. So far, it was only a hint, a feeling that she likes Haadi. The girl loves Haadi but could never tell. Awnnn…

She is so consumed by her feelings that even Faazi realizes that something is wrong.

Haadi’s Canadian fiancée is a bit reserved. He is talking to faazi about her but she calls to call off the wedding.

Because she has done court marriage with someone.

Who overhears this?

Mishi, how convenient!

Will two dadis bury the hatchet and let the two marry each other? Or maybe a few episodes later…

I will see again with the review of the next episode’s of Chupke Chupke.

Shabana Mukhtar


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