Chupke Chupke | HUM TV Ramzan Special Drama | Episode 7 Review

Time to review the seventh episode of Chupke Chupke. For cast, please read here.      


The chhoti dadi family is ready for breakfast. Faazi and Mishi are both immensely tortured by gul. Even dadi isn’t happy with gul’s bossy nature.
It is only Rumi who casually mentions that Mishi must be in love. Great, so the older sister isn’t as dumb as the rest of the family. She even suggests that Mishi should directly speak to whoever it is. How wonderfully modern, huh?

Waleed has a trick to make sure that the family will marry Meenu and not insist her to finish her education. It doesn’t work as expected though.

Haniya and her mother visit unannounced and Gul is freaking out. Haniya isn’t very tame though. I have a feeling she is a bit greedy and a bit of show-off. I know Faazi would not marry Haniya but I gotta comment on the character, no?

Meenu is now searching wazeefa to get married at earliest. Although I don’t think she has the perseverance for doing a wazeefa.

Haadi cannot stop thinking about Mishi and her changed ways. At least one of the love stories is beginning. Haniya’s mother has also suggested a proposal for Mishi. So, trouble even before the story begins.

Gul asks Faazi to break off the engagement. The other two sisters also agree. Will Faazi cave to the pressure? We will know in the next episode.

Parting Thoughts

Ayeza is so pretty. I don’t think she fits fit the role but she is the prettiest girl ever… At least one of them…

Faazi ‘s fiancée is also nice, though.


Wait for the next episode’s review of Chupke Chupka.

Shabana Mukhtar


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