Deewar-e-Shab Episode 6

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Plot Summary

Zara is dead and now Khayyam would live with them. Khayyam is stiff and hyper-sensitive. Khayyam feels misfit and does not even resist when Sandal beats him up. 

Nageena and Shaama know that Dildar was behind Feroza’s escape.  Even Gulnaz hates her mother’s wickedness. 

There is a time leap again. 

Khayyam Yousuf who grows up as Shehroz Sabzwari. He is uncomfortable in his new surroundings. 

Now the competition is for the third generation. Gulnaaz’s daughter Almas is making good money, whereas Gaiti Aara is a shy and studious girl who’s only job is to listen to Khayyam cribbing about his family. 

Sitara Jahan still organizes mehfil every Sunday when she sings and some girls dance. 

Nageena is kicked out of one movie. After all the years of struggle and little success, Nageena is bitter.  She is resolute to avenge Zara’s husband. 


Shehroz has gained weight. So.much.weight. 

I am glad that the drama is finally set in today’s times. I mean, no more flashbacks and time leaps now.

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