Drama Review | Aakhir Kab Tak | Episode 12

Aakhir Kab Tab Episode 12 Written Update and Review

Noor is at the factory handling the crisis while Fareeda bickers constantly with Safiya. Will Safiya ever have the courage to behave like Noor?

Yes, the truck was stolen by police, with police’s aide. And now Naseer forces the constable to reverse the damage. He also forces Noor’s manager Rafique to praise Naseer. So funny!

Saim owns the responsibility of anxiety pills etc just so Fajar is off the hook. He shouldn’t have lied, no?

Noor decides to not sell the factory, Ehtesham doesn’t react at all. Is he okay with Noor taking over the business? On the other hand, Noor also realizes just how tough it is to handle a business.

The episode ends as Fajar loses herself again after spotting Bushra. She can’t even scream. The way she curbs her screams and voice is so heartbreaking. Will Saim and Fajar ever have a normal life?

I will be reviewing the remaining episodes soon. So, stay tuned.  Until then, check out my stories.

Shabana Mukhtar

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