Drama Review | Aakhir Kab Tak | Episode 2

Aakhir Kab Tab Episode 2 Written Update and Review

Fajar is trying to avoid Bisam. Bisam comes to her room at night. This creep… I wish I could beat him to death.

Noor and Fajar want to pass inter, so Bisam asks his tuition teacher Zafar to get them admitted. We learn that he is used to blackmailing his students. He blackmails one of his victims Bushra and forces her to follow Fajar and bring her to him. What a creep! I don’t want to watch this.

Fajar overhears Ehtesham beating up Safiya. This is what she has seen throughout her life. This is why she’s so underconfident and perpetually scared. Do parents ever realize how much they influence their kids?

Fareeda asks a Rishta aunty Zubaida to find a match for Fajar. Fajar doesn’t want to marry, Noor defends her and Safiya slaps Noor. Noor’s reactions range from shock to denial to anger. Ushna is so good in that scene.

Noor threatens Safiya that would commit suicide if anyone talks about her marriage with Bisam.

Parting Thoughts

Gul e Rana chooses a lot of grey characters but she does them so well.

The best scene is the last scene when Fajar and Noor talk on the terrace. We hear Fajar talk openly and she raises a few good questions, a basic question-why do we give importance to boys over girls?

I will be reviewing the episodes soon. So, stay tuned.  Until then, check out my stories.

Shabana Mukhtar

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