Drama Review | Aakhir Kab Tak | Episode 22

Aakhir Kab Tab Episode 22 Written Update and Review

Saim and Fajar are so good together. So cute, mashallah. 
I’d still say that Nilofer’s 360 degrees turn was a bit too extreme. But as long as Fajar is happy, I would let it slide. 
Noor is confused. Her subdued reaction to Nasir’s proposal was supposedly her shyness and confusion. She isn’t even taking Nasir’s calls, which makes Nasir worried. He pulls another stunt – makes Khudabakhsh follow Noor and then he “accidentally bumps into Noor on purpose”. If you can cite the source, I will gift my latest book to you. 
Anyway, Noor is hesitant to say yes because of her responsibilities. 
And then we see a super-cute scene between Nasir and Noor. If only all policemen were so romantic…
I am sure that Zafar will come back as Saim’s friend and distant relative who Nimra hates. 

I will be back with Parizaad’s review tomorrow. Until then, check out my stories.

So long!

Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. I will check it out. If Alif didn’t win any awards, its gross injustice to the drama

  2. liza says:

    ah the lsa isn’t uploaded yet on anywhere. i just saw the updates on instagram 😬

  3. I love sitcoms – friends, BBT, himym, tahm are some that top the list

  4. I’ve seen some clips of the show, and I like Andy Samberg. I think I will give it a shot. But first, I must watch LSA. I couldn’t find it on YouTube and ended up watching ARY show 🙂

  5. liza says:

    hi there! speaking about romantic policemen. i know you like a good rom com but if you do like a sitcom/romcom show. i would recommend this hollywood show called brooklyn nine nine. it’s one of my favorites and you can see it on netflix! by the way i loved last nights ep of AKT 🥺 sho qutie. and i’m so disappointed that saim and fajar(well fajar’s) happiness is short lived because zafar is coming back. khair.. let’s see what comes next…

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