Drama Review | Aakhir Kab Tak | Episode 24

Aakhir Kab Tab Episode 24 Written Update and Review

Fajar is back to being her scared, vulnerable self. The way she breaks down will break your heart, and the way Saim handles Fajar is superb. If only all husbands are so considerate. I love how this drama shows Saim and Fajar’s relationship.
Srha is great as usual.
Zafar probes Saim to speak about Fajar’s depression. I know Saim is unsuspecting, but he shouldn’t have shared so much about his wife. Even if Zafar wasn’t a predator, Saim should have kept things to himself. Kitna hi accha dost kyun na ho. I had the same opinion about Imtiaz, his colleage. I’m not sure about his name. He also interfered with Saim’s married life a lot. 
Zafar doesn’t shy away from harassing Fajar, in her own house. The househelp (again, I forget her name) sees the whole thing. I don’t know if she will tell Nilofer. I don’t know how Nilofer will react.
The scene cuts to Bushra’s wedding day
Note: Bushra was Zafar’s pawn at the tution center, and she was also responsible in ruining Fajar’s life.
She gets a call from Zafar, Zafar blackmails her, and then Bushra attempts to commit suicide.
Enters Inspector Nasir with Khudabaksh. I like how Nasir leads the line of question. Very polite and to the point. I think he has gotten to the bottom of the case already.
Zafar has the audacity to visit Bushra at the hospital. 
That scene directly cuts to Noor’s wedding. She notices that Fajar is lost like her old self. Being the caring older sister, she asks Fajar, but Fajar keeps things to herself. As understanding as she was, she should have shared her predicament with Noor. Jaldee khatam karo isey… Itna lapane ki kya zaroorat thhi?
Why didn’t we see anything about Bisam? I mean, we have some idea that he will pay for his sins, but kuch toh viewers to bhi pata chaley.

I will be back with Parizaad’s review tomorrow. Until then, check out my stories.

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