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Aakhir Kab Tab Episode 27 Written Update and Review


Zafar continues to poison Saim’s mind. Saim doesn’t want to listen to that shit, but can we say that he isn’t affected indirectly? He is upset with Fajar. We can tell that the man had a limit to his patience, and the limit is being tested now. But, can he accept Fajar after knowing that she has survived the abuse?

Noor asks the same question to Nasir. Yep, in this episode she finally tells Nasir about Bushra, and how she suspects that Nasir’s current case is the same person. Nasir promises to take Noor to the hospital. And then, Noor asks that very question.

“If I was Bushra, would you have accepted me?” Noor asks.
“Tumhara mera rooh ka rishta hai,” Nasir says.

But there are few men like Nasir, right?

Nimra catches Zafar harassing Fajar. Nimra tells Nilofer and Aijaz. She threatens him to stay away from herself and Fajar. She also tells Aijaz and Nilofer about it. Nilofer is still apprehensive, but Aijaz does want to talk to Zafar. Zafar turns the table around and pins the blame on Fajar. This shit is getting out of hand.

Allah zaalimon ki rassi daraz karta hai–this drama is an example of that. Zafar ko bahot dheel mil rahi hai. He has started to think that he can control everything, every person and every situation. For instance, when Nimra catches him harassing Fajar, she snaps and is about to leave. Zafar stops Nimra, and then asks her to leave. Yep, he wants to control everyone. Zafar is an ugly character. Even watching him on the screen makes me cringe. Allah sabko aise creeps se bachaye, ameen.

I loved loved loved how Nimra handled Zafar when he barged into her room. We need more girls like her. For a moment there, I thought that she might trust Zafar, that she might doubt Fajar, but our girl is shown to be a solid and strong person right from the beginning. I’m so happy for Inaya Khan. I loved her portrayal of Nasreen in Laapata, and she’s so good as Nimra.  

The mystery pieces are coming together. Noor comes to see Bushra, and Nimra is also there. Long story short, Noor puts two and two together. The two (Nimra and Noor) head to Nimra’s house. Noor beats Zafar, but Fajar stops her. Cut to Fajar’s room where Noor is persuading her little sister to let her deal with Zafar. Fajar doesn’t let her.

“Aisi zindagi se toh behtar thha ki uss raat tum chhat se chhalang laga detin,” Noor says.

You can feel Noor’s pain. She’s so helpless. She wants to avenge the man who has been harassing her sister, but her own sister doesn’t let her. Ushna Shah is so good in that scene.

Bisam comes back in this episode. He has been abducted, and his kidneys are removed. Nasir talks to gets to show a different emotion. We have come to loathe him after seeing what he has done to Fajar. When he breaks down in front of Nasir, and then later in front of his parents, I didn’t sympathize with him, because he deserved it. I have been waiting for something bad to happen to him. I did admire Nabeel’s acting though. That scene when Bisam is unable to speak and weeping quietly is so so good. Nabeel Bin Shahid, you have talent my friend.

I will be back with Dobara’s review soon. I have missed quite a few dramas this week, catching up on them. Until we meet again, check out my stories.

So long!

Shabana Mukhtar

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