Drama Review | Aakhir Kab Tak | Episode 9

Aakhir Kab Tab Episode 9 Written Update and Review

Noor is going through a lot of trauma – her father doesn’t talk to her, mother blames her for everything. She isn’t made of steel. Even though she tries to pretend that nothing bothers her, she is vulnerable just as much as Fajar.

Fajar ghar pe kuch nahin hai. Zindagi aur mushkil hoti ja rahi hai.


Life really is difficult. Bisam harasses Fajar and Safiya trusts Bisam. Really? What kind of a mother is she? Can’t she see how terrified, petrified, stupified Fajar is? She even forbids Fajar from coming home.

The only person who deals with Fajar kindly is Saim. We can see that Fajar likes her husband.

Nilofer was the epitome of a perfect mother-in-law, who has turned into an evil woman who starts complaining about Fajar to Safiya.

The episode ends as Noor burns her books.

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Shabana Mukhtar

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