Drama Review | Aakhir Kab Tak | Name Confusion

Throughout the course of the sixteen episodes, I’ve noticed some inconsistencies in names. Did anyone else notice the same? 

  • Fareeda calls her sister, Rehana’s mother as Faiqa in one scene and Fehmeeda in some other episode. I think it’s Fehmeeda, because it rhymes with Fareeda. Also, Faiqa is Rehana’s daughter. Pfft!
  • Rehana calls her son Basam in the first episode while the others call him Bisam. It was so confusing in the first episode, but then everyone called him Bisam, so that confusion is gone.
  • Nighat’s daughter—what’s her name? Naveen, Nausheen? We don’t know. She isn’t important for the story, because she’s just a name, a name which keeps changing, haha.
  • In episodes 7 & 8, I heard Aijaz’s name as Wajahat. I might have misheard, but they could have messed up, too.

I will be reviewing the episodes soon. So, stay tuned.  Until then, check out my stories.

Shabana Mukhtar

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