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A little recap of episode 11

Samra is expecting. And others are just being nuisance.

Amanat Episode 11 written update and review

This episode begins with another drama. Samra had previously overheard that Salma and Zooni were talking about the construction on new plot so she mentions it. Bas, Salma and Zooni blows things out of proportion as usual blaming that Samra might want to live separately. Kuchh bheee…

Junaid isn’t even around for birthday celebration so Zooni loses her mind. What else is new for her? Her tantrums make Safdar and Firdaus upset. Safdar wanted to confront and scold Junaid but Zarar stops him.

“Let the couple discuss this,” Zarar says.

And they do.

Zooni fights with him and finds out that Junaid isn’t even going to office. .

“You weren’t worth it,” Zooni tells Junaid.

Junaid raises his hand on Zooni. Bas yahi hona baqi thha.

Zooni ek ki char lagati hai, and tells Safdar that Junaid has slapped her.The family finds out and the two brothers get to each other’s throat. Bas jhagda, jhagda, jhagda… Uff Allah…

Zooni comes to her parent’s home, lies that Junaid has slapped her, and Raheel asks Samra to go home. What else did you expect from watta satta? Firdaus doesn’t want to take Mehr to Zooni’s house. While they are arguing over it, Samra arrives home.

Mehr speaks for the first time in this whole charade.

“You shouldn’t have interfered in their matter,” she tells Zarar.

Now, Samra is forcing Junaid to apologize to Zooni.

“People will find about her truth eventually. For now, you must apologize, for my sake,” Samra tells Junaid.

Bas, then… Junaid agrees. Junaid gifts an expensive watch to Zooni. She’s happy but then Zooni spots Mehr and Zarar. She throws the gift and goes after Zarar. Junaid stomps on the watch. And yet the next day she talks to Junaid as if nothing has ever happened. Yeh kaise log hain? Nobody makes sense. Nothing makes sense. Sab unpredictable… How such events are just brushed aside in one scene and then we don’t even hear about it.

Zarar notices that Firdaus is unnecessarily biased against Mehr. But Mehr quiets him by saying:

“Mere liye aap ki mohabbat hi kaafi hai.”

Itni jaldi ek dusre ko mohabbat bhi ho gayi?

What to expect from episode 13?

Anything… anything can happen in Amanat. I will see you in the next post.
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