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A little recap from episode 13

Zooni has talked shit about Meher and Zarar are in Islamabad for Zarar’s office trip. Ahem!

Amanat Episode 14 written update and review

Samra and Raheel’s little scene was very cute. I thanked goodness that Samra didn’t fight with Raheel.
Zooni apologizes to Zarar, then she apologizes to Meher, even befriends her.  Has Zooni changed for good? Or this is just a game? It is evident that it’s the latter. She admits herself that she isn’t the one to change. She takes Meher to the doctor, learns that Meher is pregnant, and asks for some pills to abort the pregnancy. Eeeshh… I never thought that things would come to this.
Zooni has changed, even if it is for the show. Salma has not. She keeps torturing Samra with her words. She is one of those people, the way we used to say in – chit bhi apni, pat bhi apni… Uff…
One breakfast and Junaid is so caring about Meher, for good, unlike Zooni. He saves Meher, but how many times would he be able to save Meher?


I must start by appreciating Saboor’s performance. She looks vulnerable when she is weeping and cursing her anger. She looks worried when she is looking after Meher.
This episode was too much to handle. A LOT of things happen, many of which don’t lead to anything. I mean, Zooni asks Junaid why he is so worried for Meher? Kuch nahin hua. Junaid learns what Zooni has done. It isn’t a simple devrani-jethani fight. This is a sin. And he doesn’t tell anyone. Kyu bhai? This drama spawns like a hundred threads and only a couple of them continue without any conclusion to others.

What to expect from episode 15?

What will happen over the dinner that Safdar has planned? Will someone else find what Zooni was upto? How will Zarar react to this?
I will see you in the next post.
Shabana Mukhtar

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