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A little recap

So, Zarar is fired.

Amanat Episode 16 written update and review

So, Zarar is fired.
Malik Furqan let’s go of everything and comes to see Mehr. This change is all thanks to Mrs Malik, who makes her husband realize that his old behaviour with Mehr was wrong. Qaisar’s deteriorating health might be because of that. Zarar and his family doesn’t accept his gifts or his peace offering. Bade hi khat log hain. Until now I was cribbing about Zooni and Salma and Zooni’s father. How is Safdar and Firdaus any different? Firdaus is always whining, but I had expected Safdar to be sensible. Jaise to taisa se zindagi nahin chalti.
Zooni traps Mehr and Junaid in the kitchen. She has also called her family just so the drama has more audience. Firdaus and Safdar aside, will Zarar believe Zooni?
Oh, he does. He slaps Junaid and Junaid takes off. Aur rahi Mehr, toh Firdaus kicks her out. Raheel leaves Samra at her parents’ house. Qissa khatam.
Yeh kya drama hai yaar?
I think I need a week to cool off, that’s how mad I’m right now. I shouldn’t have started watching this drama in the first place.
I will see you in the next post.
Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. You can always come here and rant. You’re my ranting companion 🙂

    I watched haute bites last night as well but I don’t read comments much; already too much negativity in life. But I was also surprised that they were sort of forced to comment on #sahad. When people don’t have a life of their own, this is what they do-comment on other’s. People have too much free time in their hands.

    May Allah bless the Aly sisters and their spouses with abundant happiness and love, amen to that.

    May Allah bless us all with some sense and empathy, amen.

  2. liza says:

    hello shabana, sorry to keep ranting on your page but i know no other person who watches pak dramas and/or know about celebrities in the industry. so you’re my only companion that way. but what i wanted to rant was about the recent disappearance of ahad raza mir from ali and saboor’s shaadi.

    seriously, netizens have no chill. yesterday on something haute on an episode of haute bites, this issue was addressed and the hosts were very polite about it. i was elated to see that they werent bashing ahad. but when i looked through the comments, it was so disgusting to see people conveniently trolling and ahad. i mean im not defending him but seriously ethics 101 and its just pasic courtesy that one shouldnt comment on one’s personal life without knowing the actual story and these people think they know so much about ahad and sajal’s life even saying that she should leave ahad dor not respecting her and that it was an ”insult” for not attending saboor’s wedding. i mean whats up with both indians and pakistanis and ghairat? its such an outdated concept.. at least for me.

    sajal can make her own decisions and these netizens are just pure insensitive towards them. and some more it’s their marriage, it’s their private matter. people think they have the right to make it public and just making pure stupid baseless claims which arent even backed by evidence and people are just speculating on what couldve happened. THE AUDACITY!

    it’s just sad to see people feel so self-righteous and so self entitled that they feel they have the right to abuse this freedom of speech by spreading hate, it’s so not cool. period. its so impolite and rude especially when you don’t even know the whole story. there may be so many as to why ahad didn’t attend saboor’s wedding and people should wait for the couple to make a statement and disclose matters. not netizens claiming that they have been separated and/or are facing issues.

    if they are, let them sort it out. why interfere? and i also saw some comments that sajal should leave ahad and marry bilal abbas LIKE WTF!! she is married and people dare to make such insensitive comments? why can’t people be respectful towards other people. people are just so nosy and they think they know everything about everyone and in the process, hurt people they don’t even know personally. people make absolute statements and thats just so wrong. and when i told them they are just gossiping and making baseless claims, they reply with ‘no, it’s a fact’ like SISTER! since when do you know the timeline of events? neither ahad or sajal nor the media gave details of ahad’s day. they just said they spotted ahad at another shadi in dubai. that’s it. and then there are people saying that he shouldve come to karachi since dubai to karachi is only 2 hours. like people, have they forgotten about covid? and qurantine? it’s ridiculous. there may be so many reasons why ahad couldn’t attend and netizens think there are only black and white? and maybe ahad did visit sajal and the Mr and Mrs ali ansari’s and wished them well, the scenarios are endless. but people have no chill and what they see, they believe.

    i understand people love sajal and are protective of her but that doesn’t give them the right to be insensitive and rude about her personal life. instead if they are really sajal’s well wisher, they should give her all the love and duas that ahad and sajal are infact fine, and that God give them abundant happiness and love in their lives. Amen.

    Thats’s all for my rant, thank you for reading/listening.

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