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A little recap

Zooni locks Mehr and Junaid in the kitchen. Things blow out of proportion.

Amanat Episode 17 written update and review

Samra is now sympathizing with Zooni. Back at home, Salma and Raheel decide that Raheel would have to leave Samra.

Mehr runs into her doctor, Zooni’s friend who had given her some medicines for abortion. Anywho… She helps Mehr, and Mehr goes back to meet her aunt Saeeda and uncle Malik Furqan. Malik Furqan vows to avenge this insult. Yeh kaise chacha hain jo sirf hekri dikhate hain…

This drama has been a difficult watch, but I don’t really dwelve on that. What hurts me the most is that Zarar trusts Zooni over Mehr.

This episode is just a randomly edited scenes that move the story back and forth but nothing much happens.

I will see you in the next post.
Shabana Mukhtar

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