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Amanat Episode 1 Written Update, Synopsis and Review and Some Rants

Malik Furqan is a rude arrogant and cruel. He orders Meher to quit her studies even though she has only two more papers to write. he also decides that Meher should marry Qaiser, his mentally challenged son. Meher resists but only a little, but then she gives up.
Saeeda begs her nephew Fawad to marry Meher. Fawad doesn’t want to because he knows Malik Furqan. Saeeda convinces him, though on the condition that Meher should be ready for this alliance, that she should be willing to run away.
Circumstances are in Meher’s favour as Malik Furqan has to leave to get his mother from his ancestral home. Meher and Fawad get married.
Zooni is super-obsessed about Zarar. Zawar doesn’t go for shopping with her, and in response Zooni lies that she has had an accident. She’s possessive, arrogant and stubborn. She wants Zawar to dance to her tunes. The wedding preparations are on, and Zooni insults Junaid for a little vase. Things blow out of proportion for a stupid vase. Zunaira threatens to call off their wedding which will inevitably break Raheel and Samra’s wedding as well.
Before you go…
Haroon Shahid and Srha Asghar are siblings in this drama, whereas they are a couple in Akhir Kab Tak. That’s weird, no?
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