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Amanat Episode 22 written update and review

Zooni’s parents want to file a case for khula. Well, we all saw this coming. It’s high time that this jhagda tanta comes to an end. This drama does a remarkable job of showing us just how parents shouldn’t behave. If you want to be a good parent, don’t do anything that Zooni’s parents or Zarar’s parents do. Zarar’s father is still a bit tolerable, but the other three are just so annoying. It’s no wonder their kids turned the way they did.
Junaid and Laiba are out shopping and planning their lives together. And then they get married. I mean… It’s one of the few good things that happened to Junaid. I’m so happy for him. At least someone has decided to move on. I like Laiba. She’s pretty. Her dialogue delivery falters a little bit but she’s nice. Haroon Shahid’s performance ranges fr mediocre to impressive depending on the scene. I still remember Akhir Kab Tak when I see him, haha.
I have mentioned it before that Amanat has a special connection with hospitals. We see a scene or two in the hospital every now and again. This time it’s Samra who gets to the hospital. She delivers a baby boy. But things don’t look good for her because Zooni has gotten the divorce papers. Raheel and his parents are miffed, even after hearing the good news. Raheel has acted well in that scene, which is rare in this drama.
I have a question about Zarar and Meher? What’s their deal? Are they separated? Are they divorced? I don’t understand. It’s almost as if they are both secondary characters, the primary character being sheer annoyance.
I will see you in the next post.
Shabana Mukhtar

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