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A little recap

Zarar’s family brought his proposal for Zooni, but got refused. Brutal!

Amanat Episode 24 written update and review

Spoilers ahead:
Zooni tries to commit suicide, and things gets okay. Her parents agree to Zarar’s proposal, Samra comes back home, Raheel and Samra reconcile… All is well…
Why exactly was Meher ever in the picture?
Malik Furqan has changed for good. He has written off everything to Meher and her son. Isn’t that fab? He also meets Zarar and tells him about Meher’s son, but that doesn’t stop Zarar from marrying Zooni.
Meher and Malik Furqan come with Salaar just as Zooni and Zarar are leaving for their honeymoon. Firdaus and Zarar and Zooni start vomiting their poisonous thoughts about Meher. As usual, it gets too much. The episode ends as Zooni asks Zarar to divorce Meher. Of course. This was the only thing that was pending.
I still don’t understand what this drama wants to show.
And why does Babar not look at the camera or other people while talking? Aise hawa mein idhar udhar dekhte rehta hai. Ajeeb sa lagta hai.
This was long. I mean, four episodes in a night. Phew!
I will see you in the next post.
Shabana Mukhtar

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