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Amanat Episode 28 written update and review

Zarar refuses to leave Salaar alone. He goes to meet Salaar who has a high fever. Saeeda and Meher take Zarar’s help to bring Salaar to the hospital. Saeeda tries to convince Zarar that he should take Meher and Salaar both with him; that’s the only way he can spend time with Salaar. But Zarar is too arrogant to even listen to Saeeda. I think only Malik Furqan understands the true nature of Zarar. He says, and I quote, “Zarar thik ladka nahin hai.”

Junaid and Laiba are in Pakistan, and Junaid meets his mother Firdaus. Firdaus talks to him rudely, and asks him to leave. Disturbed and angered, Junaid hits his car and is brought to the hospital. Thankfully, Safdar is also a doctor. Things are well, but I hated how Firdaus behaved with Junaid and Laiba. Why is she pushing her kids away for someone like Zooni?

Zooni confronts Zarar when he comes home. The girl has no filter. Her choice of words always makes me cringe. If real life had such people, this world would have been a shitty place to be in. Oh, wait… This is a shitty place to be in, so I guess people like Zooni are there somewhere. I know… It doesn’t make much sense, much like this drama–makes no sense.

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Shabana Mukhtar

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