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Amanat continues on it’s very predictable journey. I mentioned this in my review of Thora Sa Haq, and I repeat here: ARY reveals almost the whole story of the drama in it’s YouTube description.
So, the fourth episode is here. A lot has happened, and we will go over the plot progress quickly.

Amanat Episode 4 written update and review

  1. That tiny little glass has hurt Meher so much that she’s hospitalized.
  2. Junaid sends Zarar-taking-Meher-to-hospital picture to Zooni
  3. Zooni flips out.
  4. Junaid then goes to give some jewellery set to Zooni, and adds more fuel to the fire by saying that Zarar is too kind to Meher.
  5. Furqan, Saeeda and Qaiser arrive at Karachi for Qaiser’s treatment. And guess which hospital do they go to?
  6. Firdaus asks Junaid to bring the wristwatch that she must gift to Raheel. Junaid obliges, but then he thinks why not do something villainy. He asks Meher to attend the wedding.
  7. Meher wears a simple black and white salwar kameez to the wedding. For the mehendi function, she was so nicely dressed. What hapoened now? Makeup ka time nahin thha, but she could have dressed appropriately, no?
  8. Zarar sees Meher and almost loses his heart; Zooni notices this and almost loses her mind.
  9. Furqan somehow knows Zarar’s father Safeer, so he is also attending the wedding.
  10. Furqan starts to talk rubbish about Meher, and by extension Zarar.
  11. Zarar lies that he has married Meher. Meher keeps quiet.
  12. Zooni slaps Zarar.
  13. Furqan shoots Meher.
  14. Zarar takes Meher to the hospital.
  15. The rest of the family stays back to bicker. Abid, Salma, Raheel, they all want to go home, leaving Samra behind. Abid even says that Raheel would divorce Samra.
  16. Firdaus and Safeer try to talk them out of the stupidity.
  17. Junaid ponders about the situation and offers to marry Zooni.
  18. Abid doesn’t like it, nor does Salma, but Zooni wants revenge, so she agrees.
  19. Zarar makes sure that Meher is taken care off.
  20. Zarar comes back to the wedding, and is startled to see whatver he sees. We don’t see that, the episode ends there. But I’m sure he must have seen Junaid and Zooni together on stage.

Parting Thoughts

Ek sawal thaa: why is it only Zarar who takes Meher to the hospital? Oh, and that scene where he first leaves Meher at the hospital but then later conveniently finds her limping on the road.
Too much happens but with little sense.
Did you watch Parizaad’s episode 13? It will blow your mind.
Alright, time to go.
Shabana Mukhtar

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