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Amanat continues on it’s very predictable journey. I mentioned this in my review of Thora Sa Haq, and I repeat here: ARY reveals almost the whole story of the drama in it’s YouTube description.
So, the sixth episode is released, and I didn’t get time to review it until now.
Let’s cover the ground quickly.

Amanat Episode 6 written update and review

  1. Junaid and Zaraar confront each other. Junaid tells him just how much he has hated Zaraar’s guts all his life. It’s time tlfor revenge.
  2. Zooni is regretting her decision of marrying Junaid in a haste. She even imagines talking Zarar. Credit where credit is due, Saboor performed well in that scene where she hallucinates about Zarar and then talks to her mother. Well done, girl.
  3. Zooni taunts Samra about everything that happened – they got mugged, Samra didn’t get any gift from Raheel. I don’t see the reason for it. So far, I had thought of Zooni as a hyper-possessive short-tempered person. Taunting Samra like that, she’s bordering with an evil person. I guess I read the character wrong.
  4. Zooni and Junaid are now married. She comes home, and everybody welcomes her, even Zaraar. Woh Zooni ki taraf shikwa kunan nazron se dekhta raha. Imran looks handsome in that scene, I must admit.
  5.  Firdaus tells Zaraar that he or Meher aren’t allowed in the house. I agree with her. The dynamics among them (Zooni, Junaid, Zaraar, and Meher) is complicated as it is. Living under the same roof would make it more twisted. But we all know Meher will come back and soon.
  6.  Zaraar is taking Meher somewhere. He had nowhere to go, apparently and they are driving aimlessly. Meher is feeling guilty as usual.
  7. Malik Furqan is going abroad for his own bypass, but he asks Allah Bakhsh to keep an eye on Meher and Zaraar. Not just that, he also calls Safeer to threaten him about Zaraar.
  8.  Safeer might not like what Zaraar has done, but he doesn’t want him dead, so he calls Zaraar and asks him to come back.
  9. And, as I said in Dobara’s review, why isn’t Meher in iddat? Why is she roaming around with Zaraar? People don’t know that she’s a widow, but she does know. I know, I guess the whole iddat thing has gotten to my head.

Parting Thoughts

I don’t know if I have gotten used to the drama in this drama or what, I didn’t hate this episode. Everything that happened was predictable enough. Meher continued to be the damsel in distress,  Zooni continued to be the brat that she is, Samra and Raheel are confused as usual – one moment they are nice and then the next moment shows them to be rude and mean.
I don’t understand Firdaus and Safeer, either. Zaraar ko dant bhi lagti hai and then they are worried about him when Malik Furqan threatens them. I guess parents are always confused and indecisive. Well… Not always… But in this drama, always.
I was supposed to write the words for day 5 of NaNoWriMo 2021 last night, but instead I watched the episode. Today, I sat down to start today’s word count, but instead, I wrote this post. NaNoWriMo 2021 is proving to be much difficult.
Off I go. Need to listen to a podcast. I hope it motivates me enough to write today’s 1667 words .
I will see you in the next post. Juma Mubarak!
Shabana Mukhtar

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