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Amanat Episode 9 written update and review


Okay, so now all the phadda is about gaddi. Firdaus, the same Firdaus who didn’t like Zooni, is now hellbent on doing everything to please Zooni. I know… I know… She’s doing this because her own daughter Samra is married to Zooni’s brother. Bhai waah!


Safdar was initially reluctant but now he has given money to Junaid and Zarar both to buy cars. Where is this money coming from?


“Apni hadein main khud tay karti hoon,” Zooni says.


Waise yeh hadein kabhi khatam hongi ya nahin? Abhi tak to limitless hai.


Zooni is alright; whatever she does, she has reasons for it. It’s Firdaus and Samra who disappoint me more. The way Samra yells at Meher was so shocking. Samra’s character is very danwadol types. Kabhi sweet and kabhi ekdum bitter. And Firdaus also changes her colour every day. One day she asks Meher to take care of all the household chores, and the next day she asks Meher to stay in her room. Amma, please apna mind to bana lijiye.


Zooni’s taunts about Meher’s dressing style irks Zarar, enough that he takes Meher out for shopping. This is just what the couple needs to bond together. I wike it.



Urwa looks so stunning in every frame, ufff! She is a talented actress as well but her role doesn’t give her much space to show any versatility.


Raja Haider surprises me. As a overprotective father, he’s so good. Yet again, the way Zooni handles Junaid is fun but not funny. I like Saboor’s acting in that scene.
I will see you in the next post. Juma Mubarak!
Shabana Mukhtar

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