Drama Review | Aye Musht-e-Khak | Episode 1

Alrighty, let’s review the first episode of Aye Musht-e-Khak. The fans of Feroze Khan-Sana Javed on-screen pair must be going crazy.


Aye Musht-e-Khak episode 1 written review and update


The episode begins as muazzan is calling azaan. Yeah… This beginning is used to often that it has become a thing now. It was a very typical beginning of the series and episode and a very wrong one at that – muazzan finishes his azaan and Sana finishes her namaz. Ideally speaking, one must listen to the azaan, respond to it, and then begin her prayers. One might argue that she had started praying after hearing some other azaan, but we don’t see it on screen, right? Why can’t we just add a few seconds just so the azaan ends and then the main character offers namaaz? That is so distasteful.


But, the next scene washes out my concern.
The scene shifts to a madrasa where kids are reciting surat Ikhlas after the mudarris. It reminded me of our madarsa where we used to be our loudest self and repeat after our Hafiz Saheb. It isn’t just relatable. Listening to quran recitation also given a surreal feeling of calm. And this scene manages to do that.


The scene is another first. I’m drafting a list of unique things that Pakistani dramas have shown. This scene will go in that list.


So, the kids leave for the day, and then we see Imam Sahib talking over phone.


Mustajab makes his entry with a splash as he swims through the sparkling water. Very nice entry, liked it. We learn that he has come back home after a long time, and now his mother wants to set him up. He doesn’t seem to keen on settling down.


Dua and her family is readying to welcome Dayaan. Nimrah and Sajjad go to the airport to pick up Dayaan while Dua stays back to decorate more. She hears the car’s horn, picks up the bouqet and rushes down. Without even looking at the car or the person in the car, she throws the bouquet inside, and it lands in Bobby’s lap. Bobby seems amused by this.


Alright, so now things are clear. Shakeela has brought Bobby to meet Dua because she likes Dua. Bobby is clearly smitten by Dua’s beauty, but he is still snarky. He comments that Dua is doing Islamic studies in masters because it’s easy.
“It is my choice. You have changed your name from Mustajab to Bobby for sake of ease, haven’t you?” Dua asks.
I agree with her. People choose Islamiyat because of their choice not because it’s easy. And trust me, islamiyat can’t be easy.
Bobby apparently doesn’t believe in Allah, and is a bit too confident of himself.
Dua is also a bit condescending. Her library has Urdu literature books and travelogues. She says as if Bobby wouldn’t have read urdu literature. Bobby ko jo bura laga hai.

“Main toh Ghalib aur Faiz ko bhi padh chuka hoon. Kya sunaun?” Mustajab asks.
The moment Dua steps out, he throws the book at the table. He doesn’t like that Dua ignored him.

Back home, Shakeela asks Mustajab about Dua, and he says yes. She is a mother who can see through her offspring.

“Dua has hurt your ego,” she notices.

She is right, and I can’t wait to see more of his arrogance.


I like the exposition. We have met the two leads and their families, and we have a fair idea of who they are. I haven’t understood the role of Imam Sahib yet, but I am sure he is a pivotal character in this story.

I felt that Bobby was too dressed up for a causal meeting when he came to  meet Dua and family. I am not complaining. Feroz looks so handsome and cultured. I’m happy to see Asad in a longer role. Last I saw him as Fawad in Amanat only in a few scenes. Zebaish showed him in a full fledged role and I couldn’t stand that drama.

Mustajab has a lot of “ana”, a lot of “main”.  And that is one of the biggest problems we face. I read a quote somewhere; I think it was Khutbaat-e-Zulfiqar.

Apne andar ki “main” ko maar dalo. Warna iss “main” ko allah todta hai.

I don’t recall properly, and that’s a paraphrase, but that’s the gist of it. I think that is also the gist of Aye Musht-e-Khak. It would be interesting to see Mustajab’s journey.  This episode was promising. I will still be on a 5-episode trial run.

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