Drama Review | Aye Musht-e-Khak | Episode 3

Alrighty, let’s review the third episode of Aye Musht-e-Khak. I wasn’t ready for this. I mean… I didn’t know that there will be two episodes.

A little recap of episode 2

After the party, Mustajab asks if he could talk to Dua, alone. The open-minded family allows him.

Aye Musht-e-Khak episode 3 written review and update

Mustajab talks to Dua, tries to woo her, even goes so far as to confess being in love. Chal jhoota!

Dua refuses, still. She’s very polite and soft-spoken. If Mustajab wasn’t such a psycho, he would have appreciated Dua’s honesty.
Whatever happens, Sajid and Nimra will say yes to this proposal,” Shakeela said.
Jaisi amma waisa beta. Generally, the character himself is to be blamed for this psycho behaviour. In this case, I think the (dis)credit goes to Mustajab’s mother.
So, Shakeela meets dua’s family again and convinces (forces) them to say yes. I don’t like how Dua and her family is pressurized. Family is quite chill, though. If Mustajab is moving back to Pakistan for Dua, why would they mind?
Mustajab takes Dua out for a lunch date, with their family’s consent, of course. Dua takes to try eating at a dhaba. It’s day light when they order and then the scene cuts to a night stroll. Abey… Itni lambi date?
But all is well that ends well.


Raise hands, who thinks that Mustajab is faking his love for Dua? Wow, that’s a lot of people…
Iffat Omer…  I don’t know. I’m seeing her for the first time. Her acting and her character, I don’t get either.
The review would be incomplete if I don’t praise Feroze Khan’s acting. Kya baat… Kya baat… Kya baat…

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