Drama Review | Badzaat | Episode 17

Badzaat Episode 16 Recap

The cringe continues and Wali decides to talk to Akbar Hussain about Biya.

Badzaat Episode 17 Written Update and Review

  1. Wali talks to Akbar Hussain and convinces him to let Biya continue her studies.
  2. Daniyal let’s Wali take Biya to college. I’m sure he has a plan.
  3. Yep, a plan. Biya is kidnapped and Wali is hospitalized.
  4. The family rushes to the hospital but Ainy thinks it’s all Daniyal’s doing. Isn’t she a genius?
  5. Akbar, Narmeen and Daniyal blame everything on Wali.
  6. Ewww… Just ewww…
  7. Akbar Hussain vows to avenge this kidnapping. Really? What will he do when finds that it’s Daniyal?


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