Drama Review | Badzaat | Episode 18

Badzaat Episode 17 Recap

So, Akbar Hussain vows to avenge whoever it is who has kidnapped Biya. Wali is in the hospital, still.

Badzaat Episode 18 Written Update and Review

Daniyal tells Akbar Hussain, almost convinces him that the kidnap must be Wali’s doing.

Mehwish Begum isn’t just a mother who stops Wali from doing things right, she is also a very rude and arrogant person. She doesn’t Laila Begum meet Wali. She humiliates Laila in the middle of the hospital. I am not defending Laila, she ain’t no saint, but Mehwish has no right to belittle anyone else, or worse show off that she raised Wali. Argh… Daniyal isn’t the creepiest of them all. Narmeen and Mehwish are right there with him. If it wasn’t for Qandeel who is the sole positive person, and Wali who’s who he is, this drama would have been utter intolerable.

Wali’s confrontation with Daniyal was so so good. Wali mein dum hai. I love how he handles Daniyal. The only problem is, his hands are tied, no thanks to Mehwish Begum’s repeated qasams.


Imran Ashraf’s wardrobe is enviable. He wears kurte pajama but the colors are so nice. I loved the grey one he wore in this episode with the sling on his arm. Love it!!!

Daniyal Afzal Khan is so wasted in this drama. His character Kashif is so whiny, just like his mother Shaheda. Poora time rota hai.


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