Drama Review | Bebasi | Episode 1

Let’s begin the first episode’s review. You can meet the cast and characters here.

Bebasi episode 1 written update and review

Tameezuddin & family

The first episode of Bebasi introduced us to Tameezuddin and his family. We see two girls Neeli and Shabana (ahem) in their room. While Neeli is dancing to some song, Shabana is just watching her elder sister, even asks her to stop the music lest their mother would listen to this.

Ishrat Jahan, their mother hears the music and loses her calm. She isn’t mad about the music herself. Her concern is that if her husband Tameezuddin learns about it, he wouldn’t like it. Even before knowing or meeting Tameezuddin, we know just how annoying of a person he would be.

Then we meet the man himself. Tameezuddin and his colleague Basharat are out to eat lunch. They eat, they bicker about things, they enjoy a cup of tea. While we have already established what kind of a person Tameezuddin is, it is Basharat who creeps me more. Basharat is the kind of person who is too good to be true. It’s just my gut-feeling. As the story unfolds, we will know if my prediction is right.

Tameezuddin has finalized a proposal for Neeli. Will Neeli agree to this? Of course not. I say this because Neeli clearly takes after her father. She is also stubborn. Shabana, on the other hand, is quite sincere and sensible just like someone else named Shabana.

Moving on to the second family: Ifrah

Ifrah & family

We see Ifrah at the university with her friend Ambar. She is always gaga about her father Sajid. She doesn’t know that her mother Azra was married to Tameezuddin earlier, and that Sajid is her step-father. The way Sajid’s mother keep bickering, I am sure Ifrah will know about her roots and soon.

Dado also tells Sajid that Azra might give everything to Ifrah once Ifrah is married, and SAjid will be left with nothing. Now, that makes Sajid think.

We also learned that Sajid had married Azra for her monies. Now, the business is well-established, and he doesn’t want to part ways with the wealth that he has accumulated over the years. Will the lovely father turn into an evil businessman? I think so.

Alright, so we must meet Sahir now – Ifrah’s love interest.

Sahir & family

We see Sahir getting ready in a rush, he takes a sip of fresh juice, skips breakfast only to meet Ifrah at the university. He has already passed the uni, but he still visits daily. Ah, such is love.

Sahir’s father Anwar wants his son to be a serious businessman. We just know that his business mind will cause problems for Ifrah and Sahir in the future.

Sahir and Ifrah like each other, and Sahir even wants to send his parents to meet Ifrah’s parents. Azra learns about this and doesn’t mind one bit. Wow! Itni progressive mother, masha’allah.

A word on performance and looks

Khushhal Khan looks so handsome. And he acts well for a lovelorn guy. In Qissa Mehrbano Ka, he doesn’t get much screentime nor does his character offer a chance for verstality. In here, he has the chance to show-off his acting chops. I am impressed.

Alizeh looks pretty as ever, but something bothers me. I can’t point a finger at it, but I will surely get to it later. Others have done their job well. Nobody stands out except Waseem Abbas. This man so effortlessly annoying. Although, he does remind me of Imtiaz from Kashf.

Alright, on to the next episode.

Shabana Mukhtar

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