Drama Review | Bebasi | Episode 11

A little recap of episode 10

Tameezuddin has set Ifrah’s wedding with a boy of his choice, not Sahir. Poor Sahir!

Bebasi episode 11 written update and review

The episode begins as we see Mahrukh getting ready. I don’t think I have said this until now but Nausheen Shah looks stunning in this drama. I mean… There was her in Deewar-e-Shab, and now we see her as Mahrukh as rhis glammed up woman. That hairstyle suits her. While we’re praising, I would also like to take a moment and say just how pretty anoushay looks in this drama as Nadiya. I have loved her since I first watched her first drama. So so good.

I digress.


To quiet the naysayers, Mahrukh fixes Ahmar’s wedding date. Nadiya and Nuzhat are still not happy. Ahmar isn’t happy with this sudden wedding, either. Mahrukh asks Kamran to prepare for the wedding. I don’t understand the reason, though. Office ka kaam kaun karega.



Tameezuddin is preparing for Ifrah’s wedding, and Ishrat Jahan doesn’t leave any chance to object on it, not that Tameezuddin gives a damn. He surprises us all by offering Ifrah to meet Azra if she wants. He is so unpredictable.


He leaves for Karachi leaving the three daughters and Ishrat Jahan alone. He meets Ahmar and invites him to Ifrah’s wedding.


And guess what? He runs into Azra and lies through his teeth about Ifrah. This would cause drift between mother and daughter.

What to expect from episode 12?

Something will happen that will stall Ifrah’s wedding and probably make Ahmar fall in love with her?

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