Drama Review | Bebasi | Episode 15

A little recap of episode 14

Nobody is happy with Ahmar’s wedding with Ifrah. But honi ko kaun taal sakta hai?

Bebasi episode 15 written update and review

Mahrukh isn’t happy with Ahmar’s marriage, and she takes out her anger on Ifrah and Shali (or is it Shaheen, I’m not sure). Ahmar sees Ifrah, even notices the wound on Ifrah’s

Nadiya asks Ahmar to divorce Ifrah, but Ahmar doesn’t listen to her. Nadiya still wants to marry Ahmar, but not before he divorces Ifrah. I don’t buy the reason Ahmar isn’t leaving Ifrah–Worker Union’s pressure. Really?

Back home, neither Tameezuddin nor Neeli have changed their ways. Neeli is still jealous of Ifrah, and Tameezuddin still thinks that Ifrah was at fault. The family who earlier took baraat back, now wants Neeli as their daughter-in-law. It does make sense. Neeli is pretty, and she wanted to marry into this family. Tameezuddin doesn’t see this, though.

How do I feel about this episode? More drama, more cringe, what else? I hope Ifrah takes a stand yaar? She’s educated. She could take a job, right?

What to expect from episode 16

A big surprise coming our way. Ifrah will run into Sajid again.

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