Drama Review | Bebasi | Episode 16

Bebasi episode 16 written update and review

Ahmar’s work colleagues have arranged a party for Ifrah and Ahmar. Ahmar takes her out for shopping, which makes sense, but only for us viewers. Nadiya and Mahrukh don’t like this one bit. They both flip out. While Mahrukh blames everything on Ifrah, Nadiya tries to shame Ahmar for just doing his duties. Nausheen Shah has become Mahrukh. I love her hairstyle and she looks perfect as an overbearing sister. I always love Anoushay and she looks like a million bucks ever in this drama but her lenses bother me a little.


Tameezuddin and Neeli go head to head over a little thing. I don’t know how I should feel about it. Neeli and Tameezuddin both are extremists, and I can never relate to such people.


Sajid’s mother isn’t keeping well. Azra and Sajid’s relationship has turned cold. But Azra still gives one of Ifrah’s gold set to be gifted to his new business partner’s wife. Little do they know what’s in store for them.


Ahmar takes Ifrah to the office party slash reception. Despite his apprehensions, Ifrah dresses up nicely. Ahmar doesn’t know that Ifrah is educated. How long will it take for Mahrukh and Ahmar to see Ifrah for who she really is?


Oh, Sajid’s new business partner is Ahmar. Ifrah behaves coldly, as one would expect. I was so eagerly waiting for that scene but it was quite plain in its entirety.


Seemi Pasha as Nuzhat has given one of her loudest and worst performances ever. I generally like her as posh mother’s, even her performance as a selfish mother in Qarar was okay, but this one is just so unconvincing.



I have a feeling that this drama will be very long.



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