Drama Review | Bebasi | Episode 17

Bebasi episode 17 written update and review

This episode opens at a fun note. I mean, it wasn’t fun, but funny. Ifrah is cleaning the house while Mahrukh yells at Manzoor, the cook, for no reason. Mahrukh snaps at both of them, and then she bumps into a chair. Manzoor smirks, and I laughed. It was sooooo much fun. Later, Ifrah talks to Ahmar and asks him to keep Manzoor employed. That wins her brownie points for being kind. Not from Ahmar, from me.



Sajid’s mother has a heart attack. Now, since Sajid is Ahmar’s new business partner, Ifrah also learns about her dadi’s demise. But she doesn’t get to attend the funeral. I mean, I didn’t expect her to. But she didn’t even cry. She should have cried behind Mahrukh’s back, no? Just saying.


Tameezuddin is tense about Neeli now, and he wants to marry off his daughter soon. Ishrat’s cousin Shakeela may be interested in asking for Neeli’s hand in marriage for her son, but Tameezuddin doesn’t like Shakeela. He goes to Karachi and finalizes Neeli’s wedding with Asif, someone Basharat knows. This Basharat dude is like a problem solver. Tameezuddin has a problem, and Basharat always has a solution.


We also see Nadiya who is still depressed about Ahmar’s marriage to Ifrah. She doesn’t relent easily, though. She still wants to marry Ahmar. The question is, will Ahmar ever divorce Ifrah? I don’t think so.


Tameezuddin might meet Ifrah and will be shocked to see how badly she’s is being treated. Will his pidrana shafqat surface? Will he take Ifrah’s side for once? We will know in the next episode.


I liked today’s episode, primarily because of the opening scene. Kitna maza aaya, uff…

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