Drama Review | Bebasi | Episode 23

A little recap

Tameezuddin is finally realising that he might be wrong about Ifrah.

Bebasi episode 23 written update and review

I was wondering, the title Bebasi doesn’t suit Ifrah because she is quite happy in her life with Ahmar. It is Sahir who is bebas, helpless in all of this. The way he cries at the end of this episode is so heartbreaking. Literally phoot phoot ke roya hai. It also reminds me that Khushhal Khan is one talented actor who is just wasted in this headache of a drama.


Mahrukh and Nadiya are going to Dubai for shopping. Mahrukh doesn’t want Ahmar to he alone with Ifrah, so she forces that Ahmar should send Ifrah to meet her parents. On the other hand, for some reason Neeli wants to meet Ifrah, I guess to see whether Ifrah is happy in her new life or not.

It has been a while since the whole “will they won’t they” curiosity is sparked between Ahmar and Ifrah. I think it’s high time that Ahmar either takes a stand for Ifrah and gives her the respect that she deserves, or leave her for someone who loves her and can take care of her better than Ahmar ever has. Just because of nikaah, this charade has been going on for far too long. Ifrah should confront Ahmar now. Bhai, aar ya paar karo, adhar mein latka ke na rakho. But then, that’s just me.



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