Drama Review | Bebasi | Episode 24

Bebasi episode 24 written update and review

Neeli and Anees are visiting Ifrah and Ahmar. This drama has taken a sudden and weird turn. Neeli is jealous of Ifrah, and she wants to ruin Ifrah’s seemingly happy life. Kyu behen? What did Ifrah eber do to you?

I feel bad for Anees. He seems like a good chap. He is even considerate of Ifrah and Ahmar’s good natured welcome.

Ali Rehman Khan surprises me with his performance in this episode. He was quite good. And he looks hot as always  🔥

Khushhal Khan is the best, the best. The way his steps stagger when he comes home, the way he talks to his parents, the way he cries, the way he confronts Ifrah… My heart goes out for Sahir. I wish to see more of him. Why isn’t he coming in more dramas where he’s the lead?


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Shabana Mukhtar

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