Drama Review | Bebasi | Episode 26

Bebasi episode 26 written update and review

Sahir goes to meet Ahmar but he isn’t at his office, so Sahir decides to meet Ifrah instead. Mahrukh kicks him out, and also tricks Ifrah into going out and doesn’t let her in. Shali, the old maid at Mahrukh’s place and her mamu have given Ifrah shelter. They might also help Azra and Sajid to get back with Ifrah. Sajid has given his card to mamu, at least.


Just as expected, Ahmar gets into a car accident. Nadiya and Mahrukh are worried but Nuzhat is still bitter as hell. She takes Nadiya home, leaving Mahrukh alone. I know where this is headed. Ahmar might temporarily lose his sight or leg or something, Nadiya would leave him, and Ifrah would end up being the good and caring wife that Ahmar needs.


Farhan Ali Agha is so handsome, yaar.


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