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Ahmar & family


This episode opens with Ali Rehmaj jogging. Kya baat, kya baat, kya baat!

Alright, it’s time to review episode 3 of Bebasi. I have been wondering about Ali Rehman, Nausheen Shah and Anoushay Abbasi, since they are in the poster. And this episode introduces the three of them. A different universe that has not converged with Ifrah’s world yet.

Let’s meet them again.

Ahmar (Ali Rehman Khan) is a businessman looking after his father’s factories. His elder sister Mahrukh (Nausheen Shah) seems a bit bossy. I might be wrong, but the first impression of Mahrukh is that of a dominating older sibling. She wants Ahmar to marry Nadiya (Anoushay Abbasi). They are related somehow. We don’t know how, but they are related, alright?

Nadiya’s mother Nuzhat meets Mahrukh. The way she talks to Mahrukh, it sounds off. It seems almost as if Mahrukh owes something to Nuzhat… Mahrukh’s initial impression was that she doesn’t take shit from people, but she is still very polite with Nuzhat. Later, when Nuzhat talks to Nadiya, I realized that Nuzhat’s attitude was on purpose. She had lied to Mahrukh just so Mahrukh would suggest Ahmar’s proposal for Nadiya. And guess who is the mastermind behind that plan?

Nadiya herself…

Nadiya and Ahmar have been childhood friend. While it is evident that Ahmar has no special feelings for Nadiya, Nadiya has a whole world in her head where Ahmar likes her but never expresses his feeling. Girl, you are in for a rude shock.

Sahir & Ifrah & their families

Sahir plans to celebrate Ifrah’s birthday at his house just to Ifrah would see his house. Sahir also comes home to take Ifrah out for some dinner.

Sahir is still suspicious about Sajid but Ifrah doesn’t like it. That girl doesn’t know that Sajid is her step-father. I just wince thinking of the time she learns about the truth. It will break her for sure.

Does anyone feel that Ifrah behaves like a tiktoker? I mean, she spends way too much time admiring herself in the mirror.

Tameezuddin &  family

Tameezuddin’ spends way too much time with Basharat, a toxic friend. I don’t get good vibes from that man. I wonder if he has a more important role in the bigger scheme of things. Anywho, so Neeli has asked Tameezuddin for 20000 rupees. She wants to do a beautician’s course so she can make a living. Of course, she doesn’t say this to her father. She has asked for the money on the pretext of buying clothes for a wedding in their neighbourhood. Smart move.

Basharat suggests that Tameezuddin  should file a loan application with the factory owner. The factory owner is none other than Ahmar. Kamran, Ahmar’s assistant/manager complains about Tameezuddin but Ahmar isn’t willing to the older man.

“Tameezuddin has been working for us since my father’s day. He’s an old employee, and I can’t fire him,” Ahmar says.

He also approves of the loan application.

Some thoughts on Waseem Abbas’s performance

Waseem Abbas is as effortless as ever. His portrayal of Tameezuddin reminds me of Imtiaz, Kashf’s  father in Kashf. Imtiaz, in turn, reminded me of Murtaza, Kashf’s father in Zindagi Gulzar Hai. These three fathers show varying degrees of intolerance towards their daughters. Murtaza was mildly abusive, Imtiaz was cunniving and manipulative many a times whereas Tameezuddin is downright crazy. Neeli will be a good match for him. Bachhi eent ka jawab pathhar se deti hai.

Speaking of Zindagi Gulzar Hai… I used to feel that they drink tea too often. I feel the same way about Bebasi. Jab dekho koi chai bana raha hai. Sahi hai. I wish I was there to enjoy a cuppa every time one character spoke to another.


My mother wants to watch a drama, and I can’t decide between Zindagi Gulzar Hai and Humsafar. I don’t want to watch Humsafar because of Mahera Khan, but I don’t think mom would appreciate Zindagi Gulzar Hai as much as I do. Third option is Suno Chanda. It is fun, but mom doesn’t like comedy as much as drama. I’m so confused. Any recommendations?

Alright now. I have only one episode left to review. I will also be reviewing Parizaad tonight.


Shabana Mukhtar


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  1. yeah, humsafar it is. we watched the first episode today… i mean yesterday as it’s 12:53 of Dec 8 already.

  2. liza says:

    oh and you DEFINITELY MUST WATCH raqeeb se… i mean what an awesome script !!! i mean nothing can go wrong w bee gul, she is a boss bitch. and of course dil na umeed toh nahi… kashif nisar dramas are too class… o rangreza, raqeeb se, DNUTN, dar si jati sila

  3. liza says:

    i think you can show her khaani. hehehe
    Humsafar is good thoooo i thought mahira was great it in for her first tv debut.
    hmm what else…
    i personally loved do bol, khaani, pyarey afzal, o rangreza, ZGH, humsafar, suno chanda

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