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It’s Friday, and the latest episode of Bebasi is here

Bebasi episode 5 written update and review

Ahmar brings Nadiya home. While she’s openly telling Ahmar that she wants to be with her forever. On the other hand, Nuzhat and Mahrukh take this as a positive sign. They still think that Ahmar will marry Nadiya. Ahmar has said clear no for Nadiya, but the three women are plotting to trap Ahmar. Tch…


Ifrah confronts her parents and asks about her biological father. Ifrah is so heartbroken that she wants to go back and live with Tameezuddin. Azra tries to stop her but Ifrah has made up her mind.


Sajid now regrets that he started thinking about money and not about Ifrah, but dado ki murghi ki ek taang hai.


Ifrah leaves the house but not before Azra tells her that Sajid has never spent a paisa on her. He still raised Ifrah like his own daughter, and that’s something. If he is upset, Ifrah should have listened to her parents. But


Aye dil nahin tera koi nahin…



This drama has green-eyed cast members, no? Alizeh, Ali, Nausheen, Hina Rizvi…


What to expect from episode 6

Ifrah will arrive at Tameezuddin’s house. Forget Tameezuddin, how would Ishrat Jahan, Neeli and Shabana react to a new sister.


Off to watch Raqs-e-Bismil episode 3.

Shabana Mukhtar


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