Drama Review | Bebasi | Episode 6

A little recap

So, Ifrah is coming to stay with Tameezuddin unaware that she wouldn’t be welcome in that house.

Bebasi episode 6 written update and review

Tameezuddin’s track

This episode begins with Tameezuddin at rhe factory. He has a headache and leaves early.


At home, Shabana and Ishrat Jahan are talking about Neeli. They are both hopeful that Neeli’s skills would help to improve their situation. I’m hopeful as well, but given the rebellion in Neeli, she might not even help her mother and sister. I mean… She doesn’t care for them, but she might have be selfish.


Tameezuddin comes home before time. Neeli isn’t home, and Neeli’s friend’s brother comes to get the dresses back. Now, the big questions linger: Where is Neeli?  What happened to the twenty thousand rupees that Tameezuddin got as loan from his factory?

Neeli speaks her mind in front of her father. Tameezuddin doesn’t tolerate this and starts to beat Ishrat Jahan. Neeli is upset at her mother, her father and even her destiny.


You should have taken a divorce from him, she says.


I don’t think Tameezuddin would learn his lesson. Shabana makes tea and boils an egg for Ishrat Jahan. Tameezuddin stops Shabana, Neeli rants again while Ishrat Jahan still doesn’t


And then the scene that we have all been waiting for.


Main Ifrah Fatema, aapki beti.

Tameezuddin isn’t easily convinced.

Can I live here, please?


After some back and forth, Tameezuddin agrees but not before Ifrah talks about staying in a Darul Aman. As we would expect, Neeli is upset but Shabana is quite welcoming.

Sajid’s track


Sajid is feeling guilty for Ifrah’s departure. Azra has lost her calm. She doesn’t have any reason to be polite to Sajid, apparently.


Sajid has also informed Anwar that Ifrah has left the house. Anwar is as happy as could be. He doesn’t even care that Sahir would be heartbroken when he learns about this.

Ahmar’s track

Manzoor and Jaani (not sure about her name) are house helps at Mahrukh’s place. Jaani doesn’t want Ahmar to marry Nadiya. Weird, why is it relevant to the story? Would she ever tell Ahmar that Mahrukh, Nadiya and Nuzhat have been plotting to blackmail Ahmar into marrying Nadiya.

Nadiya and Ahmar are out on a date. Mahrukh doesn’t want any other girl except Nadiya because she doesn’t want to lose her hold. Weird. Why isn’t she married? Why is she living Ahmad’s life?

Comments about this episode

Why does Ahmar address Mahrukh as Mahrukh? Aapi tapi nahin kehta.

We didn’t see Sahir at all, and I didn’t like that. I was sort-of watching this for Khushhal Khan.

Anoushay looks so pretty. I have liked her since she played Nimra in Tootey Huwe Par.


What to expect from episode 7

Ifrah might become the favourite daughter, and that wouldn’t go down well with Neeli. More conflict is coming out way.

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