Drama Review | Dil-e-Momin | Episode 10

A little recap

So, Momin has met Maya and asked her to join the university. Gohar is following Ainee and even talks to the watchman. We know shit is about to happen.

Dil-e-Momin episode 10 written update and review

Momin is off to pick up Ainee when a few young men get down from a car and pull him in. They stuff his mouth with a rag. Momin is helpless. On the other hand, Ainee is tired of waiting for Momin. All her friends have left the party. She gathers the courage and starts walking alone. That’s when we see Gohar’s car following Ainee.

My heartbeat increased dangerously. I mean… I never like to see things happening to innocent people. Even if Gohar wants to warn Momin, he should have directly spoken to Momin, right. Momin is also innocent in this case, but at least he is the one directly involved. Why people pull in others or family members in their personal rivalry is beyond me.

Alright, so Gohar stops the car right next to Ainee and tells her to ward Momin away from Maya, or else… That threat is enough to scare poor Ainee. The shock that Momin is having an affair at the university adds to her grief, perhaps.

Fakhr calls Aashi again and tells her not to trust Zehra. This intrigues Aashi, but instead of finding out the truth, she thinks that taunting her mother would fix the situation.

Gohar and the whole university is seeing Maya’s return in a different light. To top it, Gohar bullies Gohar. Now, Momin thinks that it’s Maya who is spreading the news to make Momin fall in love with Maya. oh gawd, will this series of misunderstanding ever end.

Ansa goes and talks to Zehra but Zehra has a heart deep as a well. Fari on the other hand doesn’t have the patience, so she tells Aashi everything. Aashi still hasn’t learned her lessons, nor does Jameel think straight. This ziddi father-daughter duo are headed towards a disaster, I can tell. But what that disaster is, only time will tell.

What to expect from episode 11

Momin is upset with the whole incident but will he be able to get to the bottom of it? Will Ainee talk to Momin and warn him about Gohar? Will this Ainee episode repeat again? I hope it doesn’t. This drama already many problematic themes. I don’t think I can watch it if something happens to Ainee.

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