Drama Review | Dil-e-Momin | Episode 11

A little recap from episode 10

Gohar follows Ainee and tells him that Momin is after a girl from university. Momin yells at Maya for telling everybody that he had come to her house.

Dil-e-Momin episode 11 written update and review


Ainee is still torn whether she should tell someone about the news about Momin or not. But she finally tells Fari. Fari guesses (wrongly) that it must be Fakhr. She is justified, though. Fakhr has a very strong reason to speak against Momin.


Maya recalls her conversation with Momin.. Momin was right. She did say in the classroom:


Aap ne itne pyar se bulaya tha..


There was no need for that.


Coming back to this episode, Maya is confused.


Oh, Maya’s mother also has a certain someone special in her life Saif. Will she tell Maya about him? We don’t know yet, but she does mention that it was her who told Gohar. Maya jo tapi hai, soch hai aapki.

Jis zindagi mein chahne wale ki ahmiyat na ho us zindagi mein aage ja ke regrets hi honge.


Bas phir, our girl doesn’t hesitate to talk to Gohar and speaks her mind.


Stay away from my personal matters and stay away from my mom. It wouldn’t help you.


Fakhr comes to meet Aashi. He has brought bribes…I mean gifts for Aashi and Jameel and Ansa. He holds Aashi’s hand in front of Ansa. Yep, this is not done, not in conservative Muslim households.


I don’t like Aashi generally nor do I agree with her words or actions but she was right in expecting that her mother should have taken a stand.


Fakhr calls Jameel, shikaayat lagane ko. Dude, you’re getting married. Why do you keep complaining to Jameel like little kids? I don’t understand why Ansa didn’t tell Jameel what Fakhr had done.


Ansa does what she could: she calls Momin and begs him to save Aashi from Fakhr.


This episode has three flashbacks, two of them right after the scene happened. I don’t like flashbacks. Thoda kam karein, please.


Faisal looks like a million bucks in this drama.

What to expect from episode 12

Momin might change his mind about marrying Aashi without Jameel’s blessings.

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