Drama Review | Dil-e-Momin | Episode 12

A little recap of episode 11

Ansa begs Momin to save Aashi from Fakhr.

Dil-e-Momin episode 12 written update and review

We see another very long flashback of how Momin tried to convince Jameel. Momin caves in to Ansa’s pleading.

He goes and talks to his parents. They also know why Momin broke down the way he did, but can they do anything to help Momin?

The next day, Shahzad tries to convince Jameel.

Even after Shahzad talks to Jameel, Aashi is still like: Momin should take a stand for me.

Waleed talks to Fakhr and threatens him. Tch…Fakhr had nothing to do with it. Ainee is as scared as she could be.

Shahzad wants to gather the elders of the neighbours and talk to Jameel. I don’t think that will help. Jameel wouldn’t listen to anyone, ANYONE.

I don’t like Maya, her character or her attire. What was she wearing in college?

I like how Imam Sahib talks about daughters’ rights in Islam especially when it comes to choosing a life partner for them.

This drama has a pious and sorted man but both the heroines are so immature. Momin ke liye dono fit nahin hain.

What to expect from episode 13

Something ugly between Jameel and Momin…

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