Drama Review | Dil-e-Momin | Episode 15

A little recap

Momin scolds Maya for being after him. Serves her right. Itna kya peeche padne ka?

Dil-e-Momin episode 15 written update and review

Fari calls Waleed and tells her that she was mistaken about Fakhr. I like this new dude who plays Waleed. He has such a nice voice.


Fakhr keeps calling Aashi, and invites her home with her parents. Aashi hasn’t changed. She keeps taunting her mother and I just can’t tolerate her. Can I stop watching this drama? Oh, Saad Azhar is so good, so freaking good. He is the polar opposite of Feroz Khan from Parizaad.


Ansa and Jameel are invited at Fakhr’s house while Fakhr goes to Jameel’s house. Incidentally, Ansa overhears Fakhr’s mother’s call. They are on the way, but Fakhr is already there to meet Aashi.


Aashi isn’t tame. She hits him with a vase. What we see is simply painful to watch, so painful to watch. We also get to see real life father-daughter duo on reel in one frame.

Terrific acting from Momal and Shabeer Jan. Finally, Jameel learns his lesson. He is too ashamed to face Aashi, but he does take the right decision – Aashi and Momin will get married. Chalo, naye kapde silwane hain. Bhai ki shaadi mein, okhay?

Aashi calls Moimn and asks him to bring gajras. That smile on Faisal’s face just stole my heart. Faisal has outdone himself yet another time. What a talent yaar!

Also, very responsible of them to always show Momin with a helmet.


What does Maya’s mother do? How do they maintain their status? Alimony?

Another QOTD

Why did Fakhr stay in the house after Aashi took off? Even if Jameel and Ansa weren’t home, Aashi could have sought help from the neighbourhood, no?

What to expect from episode 16

Happy times as Momin and family ready for engagement.

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