Drama Review | Dil-e-Momin | Episode 19

A little recap of episode 18

Aashi and Momin are about to get married, but Jameel has inihibitions about Momin’s character now.

Dil-e-Momin episode 19 written update and review

Shahzad comes to talk to Jameel about mehendi. Jameel asks him to transfer Shahzad’s house to Aashi as zamanat. Being the sentimental person that Shahzad, he gives his life as zamanat.

Kisi aur ko yeh baat wahiyat lagi? I hadn’t expected it from a pious man like Shahzad. Zindagi Allah ki amanat hai mere bhai.

Jameel and Ansa are talking about Momin and Maya, which Aashi overhears. She is already so cynic of everyone. She loses her calm and calls Momin. As we expect, Maya interrupts the phone call. Someone please give Maya some Etiquettes 101 course.

This episode has far too many flashbacks as usual (I counted till 8), and half of the episode is just stuff that we have already seen. The one thing I liked in this whole episode is Faisal Qureshi’s expression when he exasperatedly disconnects the phone call. Faisal’s acting is the only good thing about this drama.


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