Drama Review | Dil-e-Momin | Episode 3


Waleed and his mother visit to fix the date for Fari’s wedding. They seem like nice people.

Momin brings ice cream for her sisters, and he also brings a pack for Aashi. The family discusses Momin and Aashi’s proposal. Little do they know that Jameel isn’t easy to please, he isn’t easy to convince.


Momin hota hi sharam wala hai.

Little things like this is the USP of this drama, at least for me.

Maya’s father has divorced her mother. Maya is least affected by this. She’s instead thinking about Momin. I mean, she can’t stop thinking about Momin, but can’t she for once give her mother some attention.

In class, Maya confesses her love for Momin. Maya reminds me of Zooni from Amanat. She has no sense or sensibility. Kahin pe bhi kabhi bhi kuch bhi bol diya. Faisal Qureshi has acted so well in that scene.

Zehra and Shehzad ready to take Momin’s proposal for Aashi. Aashi also learns about the same. She comes across as a short-tempered and nak-chadhi girl.

So, Aashi is bickering with Momin. The call disconnects, the phone rings again and…

Momin says: Momin sirf tumhara hai, pagli.

Guess who was on the other side of the line?

Yep, Maya. How would Momin explain this to Maya? I have no idea.

The fast-pace of this drama so far works for us. I hope, just hope that the same continues and the drama doesn’t begin to drag by the time it reaches the middle. By episode 13-14, most dramas just turn into an elastic.

The best scene of this episode

Momin buys icecream for a poor woman and his son. That’s so nice. I mean, being the kind soul that Momin is, he will certainly help those who need help. He didn’t give her money; he bought icecream. In today’s day and age, you can never trust anyone on face value. Helping with cash isn’t as effective as helping in kind. Personal experience, you know.

Let’s wait for tomorrow’s episode.

Shabana Mukhtar

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