Drama Review | Dil-e-Momin | Episode 30

Dil-e-Momin episode 30 written update and review

Dil-e-Momin is back with a million flashbacks as Maya recalls what all she has done to Momin and her family.
And then she posts a video accepting what she has done.
I don’t understand how Zehra could sympathize with Maya. I have seen Maya for the past episodes and never once did I feel that what she was doing was right. No matter how much you love someone, chasing them without their consent is just not acceptable.
No, no… Nothing is justified even after Seemi passes away due to this shocking news. Aise fittus nahin hota. Some people might say that Momin lost his father and Maya lost her mother, now they are even. They are not. The way she has tortured Momin and his family and by extension, Aashi and her family can’t be easily forgiven.
I know, people might also say that momin (muslim) must be forgiving, and that’s the underlying lesson that this drama is trying to pass on, but the fact of the matter is: Allah ma’af kar deta hai, bande nahin karte.
And then comes the scene thst creeps me out. Momin finds about Aashi’s wedding and goes to stop her. Drama ensues but Ansa tells him that Aashi’s nikaah has already taken place. And Momin still begs Jameel to stop all this. Why? Ab Aashi kisi aur ko ho chuki hai. What did he want? Talaq a few minutes after nikaah? Kuch bhiiii… Why can’t she come to the conclusion that Zehra did: this was written.
I simply love when falsfa-e-taqeer is referred to in dramas. It hits me yet again and forces me to be content with Allah’s will. It ain’t easy, I know.
By the way, will Momin get his job back?


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