Drama Review | Dil-e-Momin | Episode 4

Maya calls Samiya to tell about Momin’s call. They go out for dinner, Fayeza informs Sumair, Sumair tells Gohar, and then the whole world knows. Gohar is being his usual self. It’s so hard to think of Gauhar as a normal guy now that he has played this intense role a trillion times.


A neighbour named Shakoor owes ten thousand to Jameel. Our uncle Jameel isn’t just chidchide; he’s downright mean and not just to Momin. Jameel sorta humiliates Shakoor just before Isha’s prayers. After namaaz, Shakoor talks to Imam Sahib and Momin. Would Momin help Shakoor?


This drama is doing a fine job of depicting a rich family. Maya’s language, her accent, her outfits, everything is on point. That’s so unlike Ishq e Laa where Azlan owns like a hundred banks and his family has only 2-3 people for house help. Itne toh upper middle class mein bhi hote hain. Bas bada ghar hai aur badi ego.


There are little things this drama is trying to teach us.


  1. Musalman jhoota nahin hota aur waada khilaafi nahin karta.
  2. Izzat dena aur zillat dena Allah ke hath mein hai.
  3. Woh Momin hai, kabhi ghalat himayat nahin karega.
  4. Mat badguman hua karein.

Waise yeh kaisa Momin hai jo namehram cousin se itna free ho raha hai? Hehe…

Chalo, too late now. G’night.

Shabana Mukhtar


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