Drama Review | Dil-e-Momin | Episode 9

A little recap

So, Aashi is engaged to Fakhr; and Momin has most certainly decided to meet Maya and ask her to come back to the university. Zehra is hiding the whole Fakhr episode from Fari, but sooner or later, everyone will find out, I guess.

Alright, let’s cover this episode.

Dil-e-Momin episode 9 written update and review

Fakhr tries to talk to Aashi over phone but Aashi doesn’t want to entertain her fiance. She is a nak-chadhi girl who doesn’t hold anything to herself. Initially, I had thought that she is munh-phat with everyone, not just with Momin. It doesn’t end there. Aashi tells her mother-in-law the same, who talks to Fakhr, who tells on it to Jameel, and Jameel goes to threaten Shahzad.

“If you think of ruining Aashi’s life, don’t forget that you have two daughters,” Jameel says to Shahzad.

So far, it was still believable. But wait… Jameel goes a step further. He tells Ansa that Zehra and Shahzad kicked him out of the house. Of course, he doesn’t tell them why Shehzad had asked him to leave. Wow! This man has no limits.

Speaking of people knowing no limits, we meet Gohar. HE Gohar comes to take Maya to the University but Maya stubbornly refuses. First of all, why did Gohar think that Maya would agree to come with him. He has known Maya all his life. The one thing we notice about Maya is that she doesn’t listen to anyone, not even her own mother. Why would she listen to Gohar?

I think Maya is right in refusing to go to the university. I don’t endorse that she is playing with her future, but if she doesn’t want to go to the University, nobody should force her. Having said that, I didn’t like the way she talks to Gohar. If you don’t want to agree with someone, that’s fine. You don’t have to mistreat them. She isn’t much different from Aashi. Dono hi ziddi hain.

Momin still feels guilty for being rude to Maya so he visits her at house and insists that Maya should join University again and focus on her studies. Maya starts to make up stories in her head. Tch… Momin has clearly said that it was a misunderstanding. And still… I’m telling you. This series have many a characters with a very popular trait – mere murghe ki ek taang… haha…

Maya’s mother calls gohar and tells him that Momin visited. Gohar promises her to “handle the situation”. Next, we see Ainee getting ready, and a car following her. We just know shit is about to happen.

What to expect from episode 10

Well… it’s obvious. Gohar has something evil planned for Ainee and Momin. We will know in the next episode what happens.

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