Drama Review | Dil Zaar Zaar | Episode 1


Written By: Zanjabeel Asim

Directed By: Saima Waseem

Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment


Dil Zaar Zaar Episode 1 Written Update & Review

Dil Zaar Zaar – Episode 01 – 10th March 2022 – HAR PAL GEO

This episode introduces almost all the main characters, the details of which you can see in my post here.


I think Tayyaba has some gynaecology related problem, something that is frowned upon in their culture. I think this drama is trying to show us two things. One, that unmarried girls can have gynaecology problems, too. Two, that Jadoo tona can also make people feel sick. And I’m telling you right away–the only way to deal with Jadoo tona is to recite mauzatain. But I do appreciate that they are dealing with such a sensitive topic. At the end of it all, it will just be a soppy romance story, but hey, at least they have good intentions at heart.


Tayyaba likes Rayyan, but Rayyan’s mother Tani doesn’t like Tayyaba, not even as a neighbour. This is only the first episode, but I have a feeling that Rayyan isn’t sincere with Tayyaba. Of course, from the teaser we all know that Tayyaba and Shobi would end up getting married, but what’s the reason? That Rayyan will leave Tayyaba because of her little hormonal problem. That’s just a guess.

The episode ends as Shobi tries to tuck a strand of hair behind Tayyaba’s ear, but Shobi thinks it’s her shy nature. *rolling my eyes*



Okay, so the main reason for watching this drama was the drastic change in Sami Khan, and the character he has chosen. I’m not good at identifying accents, but he has done a fine job. I have heard Faisal Qureshi do this accent on Salaam Zindagi, his morning show. Shobi comes across as a guy who is way too excited, and too nice. He wants to please everyone–whether its his uncle Ismail or phupho Khairunnisa. Whether he is genuine or doing this to win people over to marry Tayyaba, that remains to be seen. Nice effort by Sami Khan.

Moving on to the damsel in distress Tayyaba, I did not feel sorry for her, nor could I feel her pain. I had no hopes from Hina Altaf, and she delivered on that. She  did not impress me as Tayyaba.

Azfar always comes across as too self-aware, like he always knows that he is front of the camera. It’s almost as if he is aching to look at the camera and smile. He never lets go of his inhibitions, and he never really embraces the character. He is a good-looking man, but I never like his acting. I had this apprehension before watching the drama, and I was sort of mentally prepared for this.

Asma Abbas could be borderline annoying with her acting, and this role does call for some overacting. Let’s see what’s the scale of annoyance this time.


This drama has just too many playersThen there is Shahpara, her mother Khairunnisa, her husband Naveed, Raees… The list goes on and on.

Also, what’s with the obsession of releasing two episodes every week? Aye Musht-e-Khak, Dil-e-Momin, and now this… Sab ki double episodes. Kitna content dekhne ka re baba?


Another Sahir Ali Bagga OST.. Does he get all the ost contracts from GEO? There was a time that I had an overdoze of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. And these days, it is  Sahir Ali Bagga. Getting a bit too much of him.


Overall, still intrigued enough to watch the drama. This drama is a on a 5-episode test; two down, three to go.


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So long!

Shabana Mukhtar

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  1. i know, what have i gotten myself into? 🙁 I guess I will try and watch my first ever soap(s)… argh…

  2. liza says:

    btw, angna is also another soap ahaha it also airs everyday 🙂 2 azfu dramas that are airing daily now lol

  3. liza says:

    no sakina samo wasn’t part of this… but yes saba qamar was 🙂 yeahhh and there is a huge contrast between both characters.

  4. I know yaar. My sister was such a fan… That was the first drama (that I watched) to bring all good actors together. Sakeena sammo and Saba Qamar was also there, right? There was that and then Mrs & Mr shameem. They have also come a long way.

  5. liza says:

    i mean you don’t have to watch it and go through it again.. it’s only 25 episodes but i just want to get this done and over with. but kya acting tha baby yumna ki.. she has come a longggg way. and irsa ghazal is soo underrated. and noman ijaz just exudes acting institution

  6. Really? Did I sign up for a soap? Nooooooo

  7. The fact that there is no review, no that makes me want to watch it again. It was a long series, iirc?

  8. I watched it on Zindagi TV. You’re right, so heavy. It puts you in depression for a little while.

  9. liza says:

    dil zar zar airs everyday at 9pm.. aka soap series timings … mon-sun… at least you don’t have to wait every week lol and i think geo dramas usually air twice is because and two episodes because.. viewership and profit.. 7th sky == profit and economics HAHAHA
    but so far i only watched the first episode..

    cuz right now i’m watching ullu barrage farokht nahi and god it’s so heavy on your soul. mera dil nahi chahta to keep watching not because it’s badly written or weak performances. i mean the story is excellent and so deep and the performances are oof so good !! just that the story is soooo dark and it’s just sad episode after episode and i can’t stomach it. kinda want you to review it because again like DNUTN, it has a lot of readi between the lines and hidden meanings and you know i’m not a native urdu speaker. fun fact, both DNUTN and UBFN are both written amna mufti which explains all the double meanings and subtlety.. been finding reviews online but no one has written a review on this (it’s a 2013 drama)

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