Drama Review | Dil Zaar Zaar | Episode 2


Written By: Zanjabeel Asim

Directed By: Saima Waseem

Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi

Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment

Dil Zaar Zaar Episode 2 Recap

We meet most of the main characters, details here:

Shobi likes Tayyaba, but Tayyaba has eyes only for Rayyan. When Shobi tries to be a bit too friendly with Tayyaba, she slaps Shobi.

Dil Zaar Zaar Episode 2 Written Update & Review

Dil Zaar Zaar – Episode 02 – 11th March 2022 – HAR PAL GEO


So, Tayyaba slaps Shobi. Shobi doesn’t seem to mind, though. He thinks that the slap is just an indication for Tayyaba’s shyness.

Sabeeha goes and sees a doctor. She writes some tests, and also suggests that Tayyaba should see a gynaecologist for her supposed hormonal problems. Ismail isn’t happy when he learns this. Now, this is taboo, and I can try to think why people find it taboo (silly, but understandable). What upsets me more is that Ismail isn’t  sympathetic to Sabeeha, either. I mean, what can a person do if she isn’t keeping well? If it was Ismail who felt sick all the time, would he have been mad at himself?  Shabeer Jan as Ismail seems to be playing and extended version of Jameel from Dil-e-Momin. Perpetually irritated man who can never speak to his wife or daughter properly.


The rest of this episode was just bleh. I think this drama has far too many tracks. We still haven’t learned how Maria Wasti’s character is related to Raees, or Shahpara. We still haven’t seen Kamran Jeelani. I have a feeling this will a very long drama. Although the premise is good, it will drag, like really draaaaaaaaaaaaag.


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