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Dobara Episode 11 Written Update & Review: 

Babar is still worrying over Merhunnisa’s refusal for Mahir’s proposal. Even though Meru has promised to pay the bills, Babar isn’t keen on keeping Mahir in his apartment. This dude acts well, and he makes me cringe. Kudos to the actor, and the writer for writing such a grey character.

Durdana asks Shabeer, the driver, about Meru. Shabeer spills everything-that Meru had sent money for Mahir. This worries Durdana, but when Ibtesaam tells her about the proposal, she is happy. I like Ibtesaam. He is the one person who speaks positively of Meru. Him, and Minal.

Sehr and her mother, og my goodness. Sehr’s mother tells Affan that he should plan for his wedding soon, and also join the business. Sehr and her family is after Affan’s money. Affan, on the other hand, loses his temper. He calls Minal and tells her about “the affair”. I like that Minal doesn’t like the word. Whether there is some truth in it or not, but the word “affair” has such a negative vibe.

Meru meets her friend Nayyara, the only person she can confides in. She talks to Nayyara, tells him about the two proposals, her confusion of who to choose. I loved Nayyara. She understands Meru and her predicaments.

Ibtesaam saves the day by standing up for Meru, but it doesn’t calm down Affan still. Durdana’s plan doesn’t work after all. It was her idea that Ibtesaam should woo Meru this way.

The episode ends as Meru finally tells Minal that she would want to marry.


The one thing that this drama does best is bringing a woman and man as equal. Nobody is denying that a woman should complete her iddat. But after one’s spouse is gone, the widowed, man or woman, both have a right to marry someone else.

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